Dropshipping Checklist

This checklist is great for you if you're not sure where to start or if your head's spinning from all the information that is available in our free articles.
All of the guides are sorted, so it will be easier and faster for you to build or continue with your own dropshipping store; step-by-step!

22 Steps to Start Dropshipping

Step 1. Learning the basics

Before you start your dropshipping store, it's a good idea to put your mindset right and learn the basics.

Step 2. Where are you going to sell?

It's important to know where you're going to sell. Plus, don't forget to check out our premade dropshipping stores article in case you were wondering about that.

Step 3. What kind of store are you going to open?

Now that you know where you're going to sell, let's figure out what kind of online store you're going to open. If you're interested in doing product research first to see what's out there, then you can do step four first.

Step 4. Product research

Did you figure out what kind of store you're going to open? Great! Let's start with the product research. Don't forget that you can always change your type/niche again if you find something different while doing product research.

Step 5. Target audience research

It's important to know who your target audience is going to be. For example, where is your target audience located? If you know this, it will be easier to pick suppliers later on.

Step 6. The basics of your store

Before opening your store and finding a supplier, let's do a few more basic things first. Like getting a name and logo for your store!

Step 7. Getting a dropshipping supplier

Let's continue building your dropshipping store by finding a supplier (or suppliers) that will fit with you and your business needs. We also have a few big lists of local dropshipping suppliers (for example, in the UK), which you can find here.

Step 8. Sourcing your products differently

Not everyone wants to source their products the same way. Here are a few great options for you!

Step 9. Working with a dropshipping supplier

Before working with any dropshipping supplier, it's good to read these articles here so you know what to expect.

Step 10. Branding your store

Let's continue making your store better! Don't forget that this is an ongoing progress. It's not something you do for a few hours in the beginning and forget about it.

Step 11. Making your store even better

Next up is doing things like setting up your standard pages (for example, a refund policy and a shipping policy).

Step 12. Making 1-3 products perfect to start with

If you're just beginning, don't split your attention between too many products. Start with optimizing a few products and move and improve from there.

Step 13. Marketing

Let's move on to the most important part; marketing your store and products! If you're not sure how to start, read our beginner's guide to marketing for dropshipping.

Step 14. Getting your first sales

The first sale is always something magical, so don't forget to check out these two articles here.

Step 15. Not sure yet how to get started?

It's not always easy to get started. That's why we have created a lot of articles with real examples that will hopefully inspire you to get started! And if you're looking for more inspirational articles, check out this category page here.

Step 16. Making your customers happy

The next step will make sure your customers are happy! Just think about it like this, if your customers are happy, then there's less chance they will want to return their product and more chance that they will return to purchase more or different products from you.

Step 17. Handling your business

This might not be the most fun part for everyone, but it's still necessary so you won't run into any trouble later on. Plus, two of the articles will guide you further on what tools will help you with your dropshipping store.

Step 18. Receiving payments

Ready to receive payments from your customers? For this step, let's go over what popular payment methods are out there and how not to get banned by them.

Step 19. Optimizing your store

Let's continue by optimizing your store even more. Here you will decrease the chance of people leaving (meaning: these people will not buy anything) by checking things like your store's loading time and grammar.

Step 20. Setting up your email marketing

As you might have read in our beginner's guide to marketing for dropshipping, email marketing is not for everyone directly, but it's still a great idea to get it set up from the start so you won't lose any email subscribers.

Step 21. Still can't start or continue? Read this

If, after following all these 20 steps above, you still have trouble starting or continuing with your dropshipping store, then take a look at the articles below. Plus, don't forget that you can always contact us here!

Step 22. The next level

Ready to take your dropshipping store to the next level? Take a look at the articles below.

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